Natural Wool Carpeting

wool carpeting

Have you ever considered carpeting your home with wool carpet? There is nothing quite like the luxurious feel of wool carpet. Not only is it luxurious, it adds value and is long lasting. Yes, it will cost you more initially with the installation, but it will far outlast most other types of carpets for your home. Plus, there is no fiber carpet out there that can match the rich feel and look of the superior wool carpeting.

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As a natural fiber, wool has a lot of attributes that makes it a great choice for making carpet. It is a flame retardant material and is naturally resistant to soil. It deters the growth of bacteria and dust mites. It does not create the harmful emissions that otherĀ carpetsĀ create when being made. It is a non allergenic carpet, a fact that those with allergies or asthma find wonderful. The wool fibers do not age as fast as other carpets because of their appearance retention. Unlike man made carpet fibers, the fibers in the wool do not break down or crush easily. All of the natural qualities that wool boasts are superior to any kind of carpet made by man.

Not only are the natural qualities of wool wonderful, but it is also naturally able to absorb and retain the colors added to it. Synthetic fabrics are not able to capture clearer colors like natural wool is. Not only that, but synthetic carpets need cleaning frequently and can change colors with a lot of traffic and cleaning. These carpets will often look worse after a cleaning because of that. This is not so with natural wool carpet. As with any type of carpet, you will want to clean your wool carpet regularly to help extend its life. There are a few different methods used to clean natural wool carpets. These include using dry powder, rotary shampooing or foam, and spray extracting.

When you are looking to buy new carpet or replace your old carpeting, you should strongly consider natural wool carpeting. Even if you can’t afford carpeting your whole home, perhaps add wool carpeting to heavy traffic areas such as a family room or living room. You will be pleased with your purchase.