Dealing with Pet Stains

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removepetstainsPet stains are an issue many people with carpet have to deal with. Removing these stains can be simple if you follow a few common sense steps when dealing with them.

When you have an old pet stain, it will require a lot of work to clean. If you have a fresh stain, it is much easier to deal with. If your pet stain is old, though, don’t fret too much. You may not be able to remove it completely, but there are many ways you can at least make it look better. If you have urine in the carpet, blot it first with a towel to soak up as much as you can. When using a solution on the stain, move from the outside in. Never scrub the stain in a circular motion.

Despite how big the stain is or how much it stands out, don’t get too discouraged. The forces found in nature can help you with your problem. Temperature is a force of nature that you can use to your advantage. Think about it, when something melts, it is usually easier to move and take care of. If you slowly and carefully heat up the stain, it can make it easier for you to clean. Make sure you don’t ruin your carpet in the process, though. To start, use a towel and some hot water. Place the towel on the stain. Hopefully this will draw the stain out of the carpet and onto the towel. You may need to repeat this process a few times to get it all out.

After you clean the carpet, be sure to dry it quickly. Typically, using a high powered fan will do the job. If you have pets, it is good to always have one on hand. After the carpet is dry, you may find that the area you cleaned feels stiff. If so, try to break up any solid particles that were left behind and then vacuum up the crumbs. Once that is done, use water to rinse the area. You may need to use a little soap too. If the stain is removed, let your carpet sit for a few days and then check it again. Repeat the process if needed.