Tips for Vacuuming

Livermore vacuuming

woman-vacuumingTo keep the carpet in your home looking and feeling good, you will need to vacuum regularly. Though most of us are familiar with vacuuming already, there are some that could benefit from the tips below to keep their home clean and their floors vacuumed.

  1. When you are going to vacuum, the first thing you should do is inspect the area you are going to cover. Pick up big pieces of dirt or other items so you don’t clog your vacuum cleaner. You can leave smaller objects because they will be pulled up into the vacuum with ease.
  2. Check the bag on the vacuum to make sure it isn’t full. You will need to change it if it is. Some vacuums have containers that you can dump and reuse. If the bag or container is full, the vacuum will not be able to suck up the dirt and store it.
  3. Always move forward when you vacuum rather than backwards. The job will get done quicker when you are moving forward and your cord will not wear out as fast. If you vacuum backwards, you will be more likely to run over the cord as well.
  4. Overlap the vacuum lines so you can be certain to get all of the residue in the carpet. Otherwise you will risk missing some of the dirt that is stuck in your carpet.
  5. Periodically change the direction you vacuum in. Doing so will help to reduce any matting that is occurring in your carpet. Maybe vacuum in one direction one day and, the next time you vacuum, do it in a different direction.
  6. If you are working in corners, attach a crevice tool to your vacuum. This will help you to get the tight areas and corners of the carpet so they don’t look more dirty than the rest of the carpet.
  7. Use the wand on the vacuum to get up the particles of dust that is under your bed. This will help keep your bedroom cleaner.

Using these few tips, you can become a pro at vacuuming in no time!