Using Dry Foam to Clean Your Carpets

dry foam cleaning

Have you ever heard of dry foam cleaning your carpets? It is a rather popular form of carpet cleaning that many people use to keep liquids out of their carpets. With the moisture content being low in the dry foam cleaning, you’re not left with having to blow fans across the carpet to dry it after cleaning. In fact, the foam is ninety percent air and only ten percent liquid.

The machine comes with a pressure tank where you pour your shampoo and some water into it. The compressor in the dry foam machine works to convert the shampoo and water solution into foam. It them dispenses the foam throughout the carpet with the help of a cylindrical brush that revolves. The brush works the foam into the carpet piles, ensuring that each individual carpet fiber gets cleaned.

In order to make sure the cleaning process is successful, you have to ensure that the bubbles coming from the machine are sized uniformly so the foam can do its job efficiently before the foam is dispersed. After the foam has been laid out and dried, you need to vacuum the carpet to remove the dried crystals of dirt that the foam left in its wake.

Using a dry foam carpet cleaner is rather basic. There are a few steps that you need to follow when using the machine. First, you will need to vacuum the carpet and try to get up all the stains you can. Next, mix the solution in the measurements given by the manufacturer. Shampoo the carpet with the dry foam then, once the carpet has dried completely, vacuum it again. You may need to groom the pile of carpet, depending on the kind of carpet you have, to help the drying process to speed up.

By dry foam cleaning your carpets, you can cover a large area in a small amount of time. It also keeps you from putting too much moisture in your carpet so you are able to avoid the problems that are common with over wetting carpet.