Shag Carpets: Care and Cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Once again, the iconic 70’s-style shag carpet is in style. For those born or who grew up in the original shag carpet area, their return is nostalgic and welcomed.

However, their long, incredibly soft fibers can be a pain to clean and maintain. So, how do you keep your shag carpet looking its best? Here are a few tips.

Smack the dust out.

Since shag carpets are so hard to clean, one of the easiest ways to remove the dust is by smacking the carpet.

This practice has been used for centuries and can be done in the backyard or front porch as long as there are no people nearby.

To do it, simply hang the rug over a clothesline and beat it with a broom handle or similar item.

You’ll be amazed by the spray of dust and debris that launches from your carpet.

Spot clean.

It’s easier to spot clean shag rugs than it is to wash the entire rug. When something gets spilled, try to soak up the substance as quickly as possible.

Then, carefully clean the spot using a blotting technique- don’t wipe! This can spread the mess and make your sot cleaning job turn into a full-rug clean, which can be harmful for your carpet.

Vacuum regularly.

Vacuuming is a great way to ensure that your shag carpet stays look new. This being said, though, it’s important to use a vacuum that is made for carpets and doesn’t have too powerful of a suction as shag rugs are often delicate.

Vacuum your shag rug once or twice a week.

Utilize sunshine.

Even with routine vacuuming and spot cleaning, shag rugs are prone to harboring bacteria and germs in their fibers.

To kill these without damaging your rug with chemicals or paying to have it professionally cleaned, hang or lay your rugs in the sunshine.

So this once or twice a year for 2 or 3 hours. Remember that sunshine has bleaching capabilities, so be sure to avoid leaving out much longer than 3 hours.

 Conduct spot tests.

Should you choose to move away from mild soap and water for your spot cleaning, always be sure to conduct spot tests of whichever cleaner you plan on using.

Choose a small part of the rug -perhaps a part that is hidden underneath a chair or coffee table- and watch for reactions. If the carpet becomes discolored or changes texture, avoid using the cleaner on the rest of the rug.

Avoid shoes.

If you can at all help it, try to avoid allowing people to walk on your carpet with their shoes on. Of course, the weight of the human foot can ruin the delicate shag pile, but shoes do even more damage.

Their hard soles and the increased pressure they cause mean quicker destruction of the pile.

A shag rug that is commonly walked on with shoes will not last long. Very quickly it will be worn down and lose its soft texture.