Shag Carpets: Care and Cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Once again, the iconic 70’s-style shag carpet is in style. For those born or who grew up in the original shag carpet area, their return is nostalgic and welcomed. However, their long, incredibly soft fibers can be a pain to clean and maintain. So, how do you keep your shag carpet looking its best? Here […]

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Buying and Caring for Oriental Rugs

Livermore carpet cleaning

California based companies such as Tri-Valley Carpet Cleaners can give you all the information you need when it comes to buying and caring for oriental rugs for your home or business. Not much beats the beauty of an oriental rug in your home. Many, in fact, believe that an oriental rug should be the center of […]

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Commercial Carpeting

commercial carpet cleaning Livermore

When thinking about carpet for a business, you always want to be sure you are getting commercial carpet for your flooring needs. Though there are many great home style carpets that you might want to use in a smaller business that needs a homey feel, most of the time you want to go for durability […]

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