Using Stain Removers

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There are many types of stain removers available for carpets. Regardless of the kind you use, there are some tips that will help the stain remover work better for you.

carpetstainremovalgoldcoastandtweedThe first thing to do is to scrape as much of the stain off as you can using a knife that is dull. In some cases, the surface of the carpet is the only thing affected by the stain. You can save both money and time by scraping in these situations. If you see that the stain is deep, forego scrapping though. You may cause harm to the carpet. Second, read all of the directions on the stain remover that you have. Following the directions fully is important because these cans have some heavy duty substances in them. Ensure you have nothing close by that is flammable.

Always handle carpet stain removers with care. There are a lot of chemicals in these products so protect your hands. Using dish washing gloves is a great option for protection. You will also need to keep children and animals away from where you are cleaning. You do not want to risk them putting something in their mouth with the chemicals on it. This should help you prevent a lot of accidents. Many times, the stains in the carpet will not be fully removed after one treatment. You may have to repeat the process a few times to get it all up.

Regardless of the kind of stain remover you use on your carpet, you will want to always finish it off with water. The best way to do this is to stack several towels together and put them in water and then place them on top of the stain that is left. Put something on top of the towels to weigh them down and apply pressure, then let it sit for a little while. The rest of the stain should be soaked up by the towels. If not, repeat the process using warm or hot water. Be sure to use white towels since towels with colors could further stain your carpets, making them worse. .