Spills on Kitchen Carpet

kitchen spills

Do you have carpet in your kitchen? If so, there are a lot of potential stains that can happen from muddy footprints to juice from a child’s cup bouncing off the floor. Knowing how to deal with those problems appropriately will help you keep your carpet clean for years to come. First off, you will […]

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Using Dry Foam to Clean Your Carpets

dry foam cleaning

Have you ever heard of dry foam cleaning your carpets? It is a rather popular form of carpet cleaning that many people use to keep liquids out of their carpets. With the moisture content being low in the dry foam cleaning, you’re not left with having to blow fans across the carpet to dry it […]

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Removing Stains from Your Carpet

carpet stain removal Livermore

We all take different approaches to dealing with stains on our carpets. Most of us will quickly run to the cleaning cabinet and grab the easiest solution to pour onto the stain. This may seem like a wise thing to do but, in reality, it is now. A lot of people wind up damaging their […]

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